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Safeguard is an app by Cellsoft. We offer software for all people and businesses who are trying to use the latest mobile technology to build to reduce cost by digitizing your labor time, attendance and task in order to reduce paperwork, get instant notifications, increase reliability and improve service levels.

We have developed solutions with Apps to collect shift control data, supervisor data, gate management data, field work data and guard patrol data that all neatly connects to one platform giving your business visibility on the whole staff network, their performance and their results. Our featured App 'Shift-Control' for Safe Guard revolutionizes the ability of companies, or anyone who manages staff, to better manage, monitor and drive up service levels - all at a price that is designed to work for your business.

The application is NFC enabled allowing your business to providing your business a very fast process and accurate way to sign in if you have many employees.

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Deploy Safeguard on a standard Android smart phone or device. Enter all your staff on the application

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Deployed to Android - your staff can sign in and onto their jobs from Anywhere

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Work in real-time or near time to capture 100 percent of your staff attendance, secure your business with safeguards systems. Collect data from anywhere and everywhere offline or online and ensure thatyour business or organization stays ahead...

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Five Star Ratings

Safeguard is simple, effective and easy to use. We look forward to the new Biometric Features.

XFOR Security

Safeguard is great Staff Management and Guard Patrol Application. Sign up today and get the benefits

Insight Secure

Safeguard Labour Management is versatile and adds a lot of value, reduces fraud and expensive unnecassary expenses.

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